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Air signs weekly horoscope!

Libra- Maybe someone in your life was the complete opposite of you involving money values or even just in general. I see a lot of conflict as well as your intuition trying to speak to you. High Priestess also represents secrets so just be wary, although I feel for most people this is regarding intuition. You need to let go, I see that you might be conflicted on which path to choose but Five of Pentacles is indicating that you will be okay alone. Self love is so much more important, you are a beautiful human being! Never forget your potential, we all have a reason for being here and we all have a purpose.

Aquarius- I see that you are going through some financial troubles that could be causing a lot of worry and pain.I do see this getting better and new beginnings with the death card. This could be someone from your past coming in or you getting some help. You will be very mentally strong as well as well in-touch with your femininity. The Empress is a strong card when it comes to maturing and growth as well as happier times and being mentally aware/happy. (Miracles will be happening a year from now with this change). This also could mean pregnancy for some of you a year from now.

Gemini- I see someone might have came into your life recently and could be offering the start of something new with you. You are so guarded and closed up that this person is hesitant, however, they persist. I feel as if you will soon realize his or her intentions are not evil and you will get past these thoughts. x

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