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Fire signs horoscopes for the week!

Sagittarius- Recent past shows you being careful about what decision you are going to make soon. I feel like this decision will bring you emotional abundance and you will start to see the better side of things. Temperance shows me you balancing your life (work/love etc.) and really staying on track towards a better future. "Improving Health", this will be equally rewarding to your mental health.

Leo- I see an offer of love from a sensitive person, someone who comes off as very caring and grounded. I sense someone might have walked out of your life but this was needed because your healing will begin now. New beginnings and good luck are on the horizon.!! LET GO, LEO, YOU ARE STRONG.

Aries- I see some disagreements/fights with people that have caused you to lose some self confidence or self worth. This has you conflicted because you want to give all of your love to this person but there is mixed emotions and maybe even secrets. I see that you will want to take action in the future but this person might be trying to keep you close. Ask for help from peopel close to you whom you trust. You should not be going through this alone.

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