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Water Sign Horoscopes for this week!

Water Signs

Scorpio, you are charging head first towards a goal or opportunity. there's no stopping you this week and with the Six of Wands energy. You will end up being victorious no matter the situation or outcome. It is time for you to recover from past wounds and move forward with a fresh, clean slate. We got this Scorp's ;)

Pisces, you have been scared or cautious to take a chance on something or see something for what it truly is. I finally see you might be looking at things from a more positive perspective within the next few days. I also see you wanting to take action on your goals with the Two of Wands, how about we welcome that Three of Wands and energy and actually start? you got this. If you are asking about something, the answer is most likely "no", but you will see why soon. If that doesn't relate then it is you telling yourself, "no, you can't do this" when you most definitely can, Pisces.

Cancer, I sense some bored vibes with you this past week. This could meanunfulfillment within your love life as well. You are wanting to have balance and take action some how to get out of this funk that you are in. The Queen of Wands confirms that you will be ready to take a step towards getting out and doing stuff to get you moving. "Take ACTION", You want to do so but you have to take the first step.

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