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Earth signs weekly horoscope!!

Taurus- Maybe this week you will get news or have gotten news regarding your family. This news has probably made you very emotional and feeling as if there is no hope for a new beginning with a partner. You will most likely end up taking a leap of faith that will lead you onto another path. A much better and brighter path. Improve your mental health during this time, put your emotional needs first.

Capricorn- I see you might have been waiting for some sort of message from someone. This person has not been communicating with you and it's hurting your feelings. Your intuition will guide you and take your blindfold off. You will succeed with this once you realize your worth (The Empress). xx

Virgo- I see a lot of hard working this week regarding your finances, I feel this energy is very positive! However, you are also stuck whether or not you want to be with someone or not. He/she will come and offer something to you if he/she has not already (this might take some time- Pentacles is the slowest moving knight). You must listen to your intuition and there is no need to worry I am also getting. xxx

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