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Example of a $20 💖love💖 reading

Person B’s Feelings

Person A’s Feelings

Mutual Feelings

Thought this would be a cool idea 👍🏼 I did a sample reading so you will know what to expect when you purchase it. I have hidden the identity of the person who had this particular paid reading and who they are inquiring about. They will both be referred to as “Person A”, and “Person B”.

⬇️Explanation of cards below⬇️

Person A feels that person B and them have a great friendship and they feel comfortable with them (Three of Cups). They don’t know if they can trust person B because of sneakiness or afraid of betrayal (Seven of Swords). They also feel very strong and masculine when it comes to the connection. Person B feels sadness and depression when it comes to person A l, lots of hurt (Nine of Swords). Person B thinks a lot about this connection and reflects on their actions/words (The Hermit). This person is mature and will wait for this connection but keep it on the back burner (Seven of Pentacles). Mutual feelings- “Eight of Swords” Both Person A & Person B feel trapped in this connection, whether it’s physically or mentally. Person A is keeping an open mind regarding the relationship. Person B feels a lot of passion when it comes to person A.

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