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November reading for AIR signs!

🌬Air signs reading for November 🌬

“Dana, High Priestess”: Beautiful card, you are being told that you are a LEADER and should not settle for any less. Divine knowledge and high spiritual vibes.

“Don’t stop!”: This month is probably going to be filled with doubt when it comes to hopes, dreams and even happiness. Your angels are begging you not to stop because you are very special and can push through anything.

“Let your friends help you”: Be open to hearing guidance from others as well as taking advice. Sometimes another perspective is needed to provide clarity.

Beginning of month- Knight of Swords

You are rushing towards something with confidence but is it the best decision? This could also be air sign male entering your life.

Middle of month- The Star reversed

Just like the beginning of the reading, I see doubt within your hopes and dreams, like someone or something has crushed your beliefs.

End of month- Ace of Cups reversed

Maybe feeling rejected by someone and upset that a new emotional beginning hasn’t taken place yet. Don’t forget that divine timing is real and always at work.

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