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November reading for FIRE signs!

🔥 Fire signs reading for November 🔥

“Freyja, Bold”: She shows up when it’s time to be bold and honest with yourself and others. Don’t be afraid to tell people how it is.

“Trust”: Just as it says, trust that whatever is happening is meant to happen and the outcome will not be as negative as you might think.

“Wedding”: Having an affair/tempted, or an upcoming friends wedding. This could also mean and be an affirmation that you will eventually get married.

Beginning of month- Knight of Swords

Maybe this is a young air sign charging into your life, for others this could represent being bold or preparing for “battle”.

Middle of month- Three of Swords

Some heartache could happen this month, could be due to a third party situation but overall it’s just mourning over love.

End of month- The Moon

Hidden secrets being revealed, feeling confusion and lost. Unfocused direction.

Trust everything will workout!!

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