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November reading for WATER signs!

🌊Water signs reading for November 🌊

“Pele, Divine Passion”: this month make sure you are putting your dreams first and going after what you desire most during this time, it’s important.

“Deception”: Some deception in a union could be going on as well as someone wearing a false mask. Also means someone not opening up with their partner.

“Get more Information”: before you make an important decision, make sure you have carefully examined the possible outcomes!

Beginning of month - Six of Wands

Victory and feeling like you are on your way to ultimate self confidence and feeling good about yourself!

Middle of month- Six of Swords

This is representing letting something go that has been mentally bothering you, the thought of someone. Could be physically leaving for some.

End of month- Queen of Cups

You are a QUEEN! Your energy will be very peaceful, calm waters, your loving nurturing side will also be showing. She also represents having strong intuition!

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