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April reading for Earth signs

Hello Taurus, Virgo and Capricorns! This is a general reading for the upcoming month of April, 2019. "The Tower", this is your theme for romance/love. This indicates something happening that will shake you up or suddenly occur. For finances I pulled "Ace of Pentacles", there will be financial opportunity for my Earth signs in the month of April. Family life I pulled "Seven of Cups", needing to make decisions (emotional) regarding members in your family or people you consider family. Your energy is "Journey", beautiful, this indicates movement in jobs, new house, etc. Divine Feminine energy you have is "White Buffalo Calf Woman", she is fearless, because she knows what she does is always with love and true intentions. This is a symbol for you to trust that finances will be put into the hands of fate, but you will be taken care of. x

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