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General Guidance for Everyone! (Month of May 🌸💐)

“The Hanged Man, Four of Wands & Ace of Cups”- Do not be stagnant this month, it’s time to kick yourself in the butt and get going. You will be meeting someone, if you haven’t already, who you will have a strong bond with (strong foundation) You will be receiving blessings and creatively expressing yourself. ❤️ - “Passion” HOT 🥵 & HEAVY this month ;) lots of passionate memories will be made. Guidance- “Thrive”- If you’ve drawn this card you’ve been walking away from people, thought patterns, and situations that no longer serve you. I’m doing so, you are discovering more of who you really are at the core. You have also gained, or will be gaining, mental clarity. Through this you’ve learned, or are learning, a huge karmic lesson that you’ve been struggling with for quite some time (Possibly years). You are now shutting the door on that lesson! It’s time for a new chapter in your life! Throughout all of the storms you weathered you found your strength, calling, and can now fully trust your intuition! It’s time to focus on your strengths, and thrive! Quotes for this month ✨ “I am the dreamer of my dream.” “When I’m in alignment with the love of the universe, peace cannot be disrupted.” 

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