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General Guidance for the month of June!

Here is a detailed reading for the month of June for ALL signs!

Life Changes Happening This Month: "Realizations & Epiphanies" & "Get Some Rest"

The changes you're experiencing are influenced by internal processes. You've recognizing important truths, and now you're questioning parts of your life that you once took for granted. You've arrived at some new insights that are making you reconsider your previous choices. What you once felt comfortable with now makes you uncomfortable.

Your energy and mood haven't been as high as you'd like. You've been pushing yourself to keep going even when you're tired. Now it's time to balance your busy times with some relaxation. This is the natural cycle of all living beings, so there's no need to feel guilty because you'll now get some much-needed rest.

Guidance from Angels & Ancestors: "Trader & Protection Guardian"

The Trader brings the lesson and energy of exchange. When he appears, he could represent an opportunity to exchange talents (whatever that may be) in order to expand, or be about the exchange of energies that come from the universe. Or both. For example, if you are a creative person or consider yourself creative, when you share your talents, you are giving them, and when you do so, the universe will give you more in order for you to share more. It's all a beautiful cycle.

Drop any shields of shame, resistance and fear that are standing between you and your chances of enjoyment and fun. Know that you don't need to hide who you are or the gifts that you have. You were born to shine.


"3 of Pentacles", "9 of Cups" and "Page of Swords"

A busy month for you. You will be working on whatever it is you love doing and brings you joy. You have the abilities to communicate and persevere, even if you do so without thinking it all through. Much abundance and energy, this especially could be related to your workplace.

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