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General Collective Reading for September


"Ram"- A stubborn, aggressive person.

"Tree"- Affairs with your family.

"Flute"- Disappointment in a friend or lover.

"September"- Actually pulled this one, lol!

"Harp"- Great happiness.

Tarot Cards (Spiritsong Tarot): The Hermit, Ace of Acorns, Five of Shells, Awakening."

Message: A very powerful month for you. You will be digging deeper into certain aspects of your life, using your wisdom to your advantage. You are incredibly driven and passionate, let this guide you. Five of Shells comes in with the "disappointment in a lover" tea card. A feeling of hope, letting go of the past and having a powerful awakening-- get ready!

Your "Energy" Cards:


Door to personal healing and happiness

Man holding a heart

Message: What lovely energy! You are all guiding yourselves toward a brighter future, you are on an extraordinary journey that will bring you abundance. A man is very much in love with you. If you are a male, get ready for great satisfaction in the love department!

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