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General Reading for New Year 2020!

Well, it's almost 2020, what a ride 2019! Here's what you can expect for January..

Fortune Cards: Lily, Heart, and Boot.

Psychic Tarot: Accelerated Motion, Patience.

Mystical Moments: To The Moon and Back.

Reading: This month you'll be experiencing a deeper connection to your spiritual side -- get ready for happiness! There will be affection, compassion, and caring. Increase your efforts currently if you'd like to achieve your goals, it's crucial you put in the work to chase your dreams! Brace yourself, as you finally witness the manifestation of what you've worked for and visualized. Luck is on your side, and your enthusiasm is at an all-time high! Have patience this month with yourself and others, try to also balance spiritual and physical. "To The Moon and Back" talks about our wishes being fulfilled and of our dreams being manifesting in real time; what an awesome month!


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