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February 2020 General Reading!

Fortune Cards: Career, Egg, Knot.

Meanings: This month we have conflicted cards here for your career. You are probably feeling less successful this month, but do not let this energy affect your drive and passion right now. Nothing is yet set in stone and your plans can still be successful-this month let's put in that work! The outcome is ultimately up to you.

Romance Angels: Engagement (reversed), Let Go Of Control Issues.

Meanings: There will be less of an engagement this month with loved ones, maybe even a cold shoulder. I feel this has a lot to do with your mood regarding your career. Please note: Spirit wants you to allow your love life to unfold naturally during this time.

Moonology Card: "Mutable Moon" Nothing is yet set in stone.

Meaning: Time to get back on track with goals! Nothing is yet set in stone, so it's important that you continue to work hard and maintain your passion. Please, do not think that it's over or that you have no time, Spirit is telling you that time is on your side. Do not stay stagnant, either. Staying adaptable is the key to success for you now.

Attune to the Moon: 'I know that the best will unfold for me."

Tarot Cards: "The Empress, The Sun (R), Queen of Swords."

Message: A sense of sadness and lack of confidence will be on your mind this month. The Queen of Swords is on your side; she knows that you are strong and capable. She is here to bring you the courage of hard-work and dedication. This month you will gain that confidence back (if you wish), just practice practicality and have a game-plan. Make sure you take the necessary steps to get yourself back on track.


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