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March 2020 General Reading!

Hey everyone! Hope you enjoy the General Collective Reading for March 2020..

Theme: "Perception" Emerald Stone: Emerald offers a regal ability to see things differently - and the chance of embracing transformation. There is an ability to attract wealth here, if you have an open heart.

Moonology: "New Moon in Cancer" Positive card for family situations this month. This could also mean a highly emotional new start such as moving, new love, new baby, etc. Meditation will help banish any insecurities this month.

Attune to Moon: Make sure you put your family first.

Life Changes: "Support" You've received this card because you've been accustomed to doing everything yourself, and now it's time to request and receive help. This is a valuable life lesson that will allow you to grow in every area, so think of it as an investment. This card indicates that it's a time for self-honesty, in which you admit to yourself and there's one or more areas where you'd benefit from getting assistance. This is not the same as telling yourself that you've done something wrong, though. It's just many parts of life require a team approach, with people pooling their strengths to help each other.

Tarot: Page of Swords, Eight of Swords, The Sun

Mental clarity is coming this March. You will go from once feeling sad and lost, to feeling happy and confident. I feel this is a time of gaining enthusiasm and energy. Positive changes will take place.

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