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April 2020 General Reading!

Hello everyone! I hope you all had an amazing March. For this month coming up, we have a lot of movement, choices, and decisions to make. Goddess Brigit says that it's not the right time to back down or shut your mouth, its time for you to be heard. With the throat chakra, this talks about communication, sound, creativity, and the ability of clairaudience (inner hearing). It's time to balance this chakra by humming, chanting, or singing out loud--it's a great tonic. Most importantly: speak up! You will be coming out of this feeling of discontent/boredom this month, which is really great. Your crown chakra could be a bit blocked due to some emotional loss of someone/something you were attached too. Focus all of your positive energy on the good in your life and what you're grateful for right now. Use your healing energy in this way and try not to focus on what you've lost, for new beginnings are just around the corner!


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