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August 2023 monthly reading- good luck and good karma are on your side!

Hello lovely souls, I know it's been quite a while but I'm glad to be back! I came back at the right time because August 2023 is going to bring you what you've been wishing and manifesting for. You've been working on your goals for quite some time now and haven't seen the seeds that you've planted actually bloom. Creativity is your strong suit, and this month luck and abundance will truly be yours if you allow it to- (It's a time of being receptive with the Yin card). With Judgement card also being here, you are entering a new period in your life where luck is most definitely on your side. Allow the negative thoughts to now wash away and stay positive about your creative endeavors and where you're headed. Change is happening now and blessings will come pouring in unexpectedly.

So much love & light (because you deserve it) x

Chels ღ


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