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🦁 August 8th Lion's Gate Portal Spread 🦁

It's an amazing time for you to start manifesting abundance within your space and life! This astrological event is associated with the star ☆ Sirius, "The Spiritual Sun". Concentrate and focus on your goals as the physical and spiritual realm are coming together to help you accomplish them and make it a reality. Now, to the spread..

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Oracle Cards The first message I have is actually from my moon message deck and it talks about a "gate", I was pretty shocked to say the least. That's the thing with tarot and oracle readings though- amazing things can happen! Spirit is encouraging you that the gateway is OPEN and that the portal is CLEAR, it is time for your prosperity to come flowing in. You have a very spiritual mindset and are at one with the Universe, you understand that there is more to life than the physical realm. There is magic and beauty in the eye of the beholder; and your eye is wide open. Change is coming to you but do not be alarmed if people around you don't seem too impressed- they are, people are just trying to survive and have busy lives too.

Spread The first card in this spread represents what this portal can support you with, I ended up pulling Eight of Pentacles reversed; this portal will help support you with getting back to your work ethic and accomplishing the goals you set for yourself.

The second card represents what to leave behind, "Knight of Cups". I noticed when I pulled this card the girl in the back reminded me of the Five of Cups, which represents sadness and regret. It's a time to leave behind past regret, lovers, emotions and guilt. Notice how the knight is not facing to the right, thus, still being focused on past events. Your past experiences do not define you; you had to go through certain things to grow and become the amazing and compassionate person you are today.

The third card represents what to take with you, "The Fool", optimism, connecting with your inner child and nurturing yourself is what you must take with you. You know that it's time for a new beginning that is going to change everything for the better.

The fourth card represents how this portal will change you, "Two of Swords", this portal will cause you to make important decisions and take you out of a stagnant point in your life. . The fifth card represents what this portal will activate for you, "The Hanged Man", VERY powerful! A complete shift in perception and mindset, this will help you see things more clearly and assess your goals with confidence.

The sixth card represents higher wisdom from the Sirian Starseeds, "King of Pentacles reversed + The Lovers", very strong message; I'm getting that the secret to your wealth lies within your heart and what you love to do. You might already know what to do and now it's just time to take action.

The seventh card represents how to move through this portal with ease, "Ace of Swords", have clear intentions and communication with Spirit about achieving your goals. Write in a journal about what you see your future looking like, what you see yourself doing and how you'll be doing it. Feel the emotions of joy as if it's already happened. Namaste!


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