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General Reading for December ✨🎄🎁

Tarot Cards: Judgement, The Star, Seven of Pentacles.

Love - “Judgement”: Take some time to evaluate yourself and your actions and how you can create more positivity in the present moment. This can mean a change of attitude as well.

Work - “The Star”: Great opportunities coming for you in the month of December! Good luck & positive outcomes.

Money - “Seven of Pentacles”: Money is coming because you might have been being really patient when it comes to abundance. You will reap what you have sown, good for you for having patience.

Romance Angels: “Attraction”: You are most attractive when you’re fully enjoying yourself in the present. Your joyful laughter, self-expression and body language are beautiful! ❤️

Oracle of The Fairies: “Go Outside“: Go outside and recharge your batteries! it’s always good to get some fresh air to help reconnect to nature as well. This will for sure help improve your mood! it’s pretty cold this month, so just try and get out more if you can’t go outside.

Whispers of Lord Ganesha: “Energetic Movement”: Ganesha is showing you that you have the option and breathing space to move forward with your plans and activities once again. You have access to a high level of energy and movement that propels you forward to achieve your goals. The energy’s vibration is such that you may find that your goals are attained at a much faster rate. You can expect to be very busy. Trust that you will have the enthusiasm and drive for this time of action ahead.


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